Vendredi 20 juillet, le cinéma "Ciné St Leu", juste en face de la Convention et à côté du Restaurant, organise une projection spéciale à notre intention (entrée à prix réduit) de la version restaurée du film de Stanley Kubrick en VOSTF. Attention, la salle ne contient que 250 places ! En sortant, vous franchirez les 75 mètres qui vous séparent de la Cathédrale pour assister gratuitement au spectacle Chroma. Le voici, le grand soir ! Voir la page facebook

Friday, July 20th, the cinema "Ciné St Leu", just in front of the Convention and next to the Restaurant, organizes a special projection for us (entry at a reduced price) of the restored version of Stanley Kubrick's film in english speaking version. Be clever : there are only 250 seats! On leaving, you will cross the 75 meters that separate you from the Cathedral  to attend the free Chroma show. Here it is, the big night! See facebook page


We have just registered, this july 11. in the morning, our 390th subscriber, from Brussels. Will we reach the 400 ?

Nous venons d'enregistrer, ce 11 juillet au matin, notre 390ème inscription, depuis Bruxelles. Atteindrons-nous les 400 ?


Chaque année, le Jury du Prix Rosny soumet au choix du public tous les livres et toutes les nouvelles de Science-fiction parus pendant l'année précédente. Il en sort une "short-list" de quelques sélectionnés. C'est au tour des inscrits à la convention nationale française de science-fiction (cette année confondue avec l'Eurocon) de voter. Voici les deux listes. Il est plus logique de lire le français pour voter, mais après tout...

Romans :

David Calvo, Toxoplasma (La Volte)

Laurent Genefort, Spire (Critic)

Léo Henry, La panse (Folio SF)

Sylvain Lamur, Quaillou (Rivière Blanche)

Christine Luce, Les papillons géomètres (Les Moutons électriques)

Every year, the Rosny Prize Jury submits to the public's choice all the books and all the Science Fiction short stories which were published during the previous year. It leaves a "short-list" of some selected texts. It is now the turn of the participants in the French national convention of science fiction (this year mixed with Eurocon) to vote. Of course, it's better to be a french reader, but nobody will be rejected !

Nouvelles :

Pierre Brulhet, Isaac (dans l’anthologie Dimension révolte des machines, Rivière Blanche)

Andréa Deslacs, Comme un têtard dans l’eau (in AOC n° 46)

Loïc Henry, Vert Céladon (dans Galaxies n°49)

Grégoire Kenner, Ophélia (dans Galaxies n°45)

Laurence Suhner, Le Terminateur (dans le recueil Le Terminateur, L’Atalante)



Since 1972, the European Science Fiction Society (ESFS) officialises at a variable rate (one or two years) European Conventions, or Eurocons. France, after hosting three Eurocons, didn't do it since 1990. We therefore propose to the ESFS the French candidacy of Amiens in 2018 for a European convention coupled with the French convention. The vote on this proposal was held in November 5th, 2016 in Barcelona, ​​during Eurocon 2016. It will be the 40th Eurocon.


Every year since 1973, the French science fiction fandom meets at a national convention. In 2014, it was "Nemo 2014," which was organized in Amiens (see the website). The location is chosen two years before by the participants of the antepenultimate convention. We therefore propose the candidacy of Amiens for the 45th French national convention of science fiction in 2018 to be voted by the convention participants of Bordeaux/Gradignan in 2016. 


Due to the rain, tHe play goodbye mr verne will be given On the convention site



First : Don't worry : the most of round tables, lessons or interviews (and animations) will be in english (or at least translated)

Second : Come to Amiens, Jules Verne's town, visit his home, and have a rare look at Jules Verne meeting Herbert George Wells in his own dining room with a play written in english by Ian Watson

Third :  Discover richness of African Science-fiction, meet writers, journalists, searchers and learn to know this marvellous old and new world of original Science fiction

Four : Meet  writers from all the world, have a drink, a meal, a discussion with them. Enforce your love for scifi from all their differences !

Five : Come in Amiens, so close to everywhere in Europa and enjoy the most beautiful mystic cathedral in the world, discover the secrets of its famous cultivated swamps, taste the special flavours of picxardy cooking !


- Accommodation and meals : - Student Rooms are really rooms, for one person, with everything you can find in an hotel. They are not dormitories, and you have not to share a room with other persons, and doors get a key !

- Who will I meet ? You can find here a list of subscribers, writers who will be present, and African staff, too

- How to subscribe ? Just see here. 

- What's the program ? The program is still on work, but you have a first approach, with highlights of Scifi Theatre, Jules Verne's house, discovering Amiens, aso